Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NOTD - Backstage + Celebrate by L.A. Girl

Today's NOTD features two polishes from L.A. Girl, a brand I really like for their color offerings and price. Here's Celebrate from their Glitter Addict collection layered over Backstage from their Rock Star collection.
Festive and pretty, isn't it? Here's Backstage on its own, 2 coats, no top coat:
Backstage is yellow and violet micro glitters in shimmery pale pink base. It's pretty sheer just like any other L.A. Girl's polishes. I picked it up because I thought it'd be a pretty unique pink but in real life you can hardly see the yellow and violet glitters twinkling about. Also, the pink doesn't show up enough and it kinda makes my nails disappear into my skin tone.
You can click on the pictures above to see the beautiful yellow and violet twinkles. I purposely blurred the pics so it shows up better.
The first pic above is with flash. This polish is so bright and glowing under strong lights yet still subtle because it disappears into the skin.The color is very pretty, demure, and appropriate, I'd imagine girls wearing this to their cotillion. There is nothing rock star-y about the color, if anything it's more of a princess-y color.

In the next pic I layered a coat of Celebrate over Backstage.
You may think Backstage is yet another 'Happy Birthday'-inspired polish. Perhaps. Yet I prefer Celebrate to Happy Birthday. I've always felt Happy Birthday lacks direction (as if a polish can ever have one), whilst Celebrate has a sort of theme in it. Red-blue/fuchsia-blue glitters are the most prominent with some teal/aqua, silver, and orange glitters thrown in the mix. It also contains hexagon as well as small glitters.
1st pic above shows how it looks with the flash on. 2nd pic is blurred to better show off how festive it looks. Look at those twinkles, so beautiful!
Here's how it looks with two coats on, you can also see the red-blue color theme in the bottle. Below is how it looks with the flash on:
A couple of blurred pics, see how beautiful those twinkles are!
Application for Backstage was smooth and even, whilst with Celebrate you have to do some maneuvering as with any other polish with chunks of glitters out there. For all the pics I used OPI Nail Envy and Natural Base Coat (I have to do this, my nails are severely brittle and laden with vertical ridges), no top coats.

Here is NOTD making appearance for one last time:

Wish you all a festive day!

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