Friday, October 12, 2012

Brunch at Cedele

It was one weekend where I was feeling like I should lay low, and I decided to try this eatery that was a bit ubiquitous here in Singapore but somehow I've never gotten the chance to try.

Cedele is a chain that offers a selection of food claimed to be made with natural and simple ingredients. I like its seeming simplicity and this particular branch I visited was quite low-key, so I got my food and sat in one corner.
I actually forgot what exactly that I bought, looks like a bowl of brown rice salad, Caesar salad, and two pieces of Mexican wedding cookies. They have a few selections for the dressing (those small cups), the red one is a raspberry dressing.
They used their sugar and salt sparingly. It did taste wholesome and I felt light even after gobbling down the whole tray.

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