Friday, October 12, 2012

Introducing : Priti NYC

Wow just realized I haven't been blogging since August! Been busy....even though I've got so much to share :(

First up is a collective post about an up-and-coming nail polish brand that I kinda like. 'Kinda', because I'm not all that crazy about its formula and price but I like their concept, their bottle design, and the color offerings.

So, without further ado, I present you.......Priti NYC!
L-R: Alister Stella Gray Rose, Magic Man Iris, Lambstail Cactus
I came across this brand accidentally when I was out shopping. This is an eco brand, they claim to be free from harmful chemicals and their packaging is recyclable. You can find out more about the brand here.

The three shades above are (from left to right):
- Alister Stella Gray Rose: A beautiful peach-pink creme
- Magic Man Iris: A deep bordeaux, red-based and almost black after several coats
- Lambstail Cactus: A grey-brown (jelly?) base with silvery fine glitter and multichrome holo effect

Here's how the three look worn under fluorescent light:

And here's with flash:
With flash, you can see the middle polish applied unevenly

All 2 coats with the usual OPI Nail Envy + Natural Base Coat and Poshe Top Coat layering. FYI, Priti NYC always includes a name of a flower/plant in their shade's name and I honestly think they have the most beautiful polish names ever to exist.

I'm not gonna talk much about Magic Man Iris (above) because even though it's super pretty, it's a been-there-done-that kinda shade. I love how the name contains 'Magic' though, because it is a pretty bewitching color =D. No, I'm gonna talk about the other two shades. First up is Alister Stella Gray Rose, the polish that currently holds the title of having the prettiest name among my polish collection.
And the same can be said about the shade. It is so FREAKING beautiful! It's a creamy peach-pink shade, it looks a tad pink on the bottle but transforms into this insanely awesome soft blushing peach shade on my skin tone.
I just love looking at my nails when I'm wearing this, I feel so pretty and feminine. This shade was designed for Stella McCartney Fall 2011 which is kinda weird because this definitely screams 'Spring' to me. Here's a couple of more gorgeousness:
Alister Stella Gray Rose with flash, looks orangey for some reason

Next up is Lambstail Cactus, possibly the cutest, my favorite polish name ever! (It's got Lamb, tail, and cactus in it, what more could you want?).
And again, true to its name, it's got a very cute and unique shade to boot. It's sorta a cross between grey and brown jelly with silvery glitter particles that lit up into this multichrome scattered holo effect, albeit a faint one.

Feast your eyes upon this awesomeness:
This is truly my favorite shade to own - the name, the shade, not to mention the bottle which I got in the mini size all add up to its cuteness. The thing though, it looks kinda 'blah' worn. Something about my skin tone just eats it up. It looks like this weak speckled brown color when you see it in passing, I don't really like how it makes my fingers look.

And as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I'm not particularly crazy about
 their price given the quality of the formula. I don't know how 'safe' and 'eco' they are, but the formula is either clumpy (like Alister Gray) or too thin (like Magic Man Iris), not that shiny (all their polishes have this problem), and a bit hard to apply evenly / doesn't do self-leveling that well. Lambstail Cactus is an exception though, it has the right consistency and applies like a dream but still lacking in the shine department.

One good thing I like about this brand is the brush. It's flat and thin with the right length so it's easy to control but it is a tad stiff though, it doesn't help with the unevenness problem.

Overall, this brand is an indulgence for me, something I like to treat myself with. Try walking into one of their polish bar and see all the pretty colors lined up without salivating, I dare you! =D They still have a lot to improve, in the meantime I love waiting for what shades they'd come up with next.

Until next time!

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