Friday, February 15, 2013

Zou Bisou Bisou : A Little Eyes Inspiration

I am one of those people who were smitten by Jessica Pare when she sang that little French song on Mad Men. I love her look as well, especially that decadent thick eye liner that is so '60s that made her look like a nightingale every time she batted her lashes. Here's the look I'm talking about (image nicked from somewhere on the internet):

These winged eye liner are with a twist, though. On Mad Men, the makeup artist traced the crease of her lids instead of the lash lines. I was so smitten by this look, I recreated it using Bonavoce liquid eyeliner pen in black. Only, I used my own interpretation and traced my lash lines instead but with a great exaggeration.

Pardon the smudged eye lids but because this was done on a whim, I didn't bother using any primer. I just picked up the pen and started drawing. I think it didn't smudge that bad, considering...

For all my readers from the western hemisphere, I seriously recommend you to check out the vast array of liquid eye liner, mascara, and falsies lines from Japan. Japanese girls have crazy eyes fetish so eye-enhancing products are ubiquitous, with state-of-the-art formulas and adorable packaging. They are not exactly cheap but they're cheaper than department store brand but you get better products.

I loved it so much, I couldn't help but singing a little Zou Bisou Bisou myself all around my living room...;->

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