Saturday, August 11, 2012

Princess Sabra - My First Holo!

Got two nail posts today so I'll be quick. First up is Princess Sabra from A England. This is my first A England polish I have and already, I am itching to get more! It is THAT good.
 It's a pale golden olive with scattered holo. As with any holo polishes, the holographic effect comes alive under sunlight or strong indoor lighting but most of the time it will look like the above picture.

The two pics above are with flash. As with No More Waity Katie, I feel this shade is neutral enough to be worn in professional settings (i.e. if you're a lawyer or doctor). You can wear this without invoking too much disdain from your co-workers whilst still showing a little personality.
This polish has one, if not the greatest formula I have ever tried. It's supposed to be free of the bad chemicals yet it applies like a dream. It's the right consistency, not thick nor clumpy and glides easily. It dries to a super glossy and smooth finish, it's opaque in 1 coat but I used 2 coats in all pics to intensify the color.
For your unnecessary info, I just got rid of a whole giant bag worth of polishes last week. It's full of impulse purchases and probably weighs the same as a toddler. It kills me to see how reckless I was with my hard earned money and vowed to be more of a scrooge. I tell myself from now on I'm allowed to buy only one shade instead of the usual few shades from a collection. Then along comes A England and you have no idea how badly I'm itching to get Princess Tears, Dragon, and Saint George for my next purchase. Must. Exercise. Self. Control. LOL...kidding aside, I seriously recommend this brand (and particularly this collection), really worth your money.

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