Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Very Doggy Birthday

As an aspiring architect living in a foreign country, it's understandably ill-advised for me to keep a dog of my own. So what's a girl gotta do to get her doggie fix? Why, sponsor one from a local shelter, of course!

Meet my dog, George.

That is his default pose when he's about to be given some food, as if he tries to convince me he's a good boy who deserves some treats, lols. I've been sponsoring him for the past year. He is one of the unwanted dogs that was rescued and now stays at Pets Villa under Animal Lovers League organization. Please check out their website here it'll be worth your while!

This was George the day I first met him a year ago, January 1st, 2012. He was still very aloof and cold towards me, half the time he couldn't wait to go back to the shelter, literally dragging me with him when he saw the shelter's fence.

Four months on and he finally warmed up. Now whenever I come by, he would welcome me with such joy. Just look at those hopeful eyes, don't you just melt?
Puppy eyes
George is such a cutie-patootie, he's a naughty dog and a trouble-maker who will shower you with kisses and hugs, and he loves you wholeheartedly. On some occasions, he would sit behind the fence and watch me as I left the shelter until I was out of sight. Such a good boy, that George!

Another quirk of his that I find so adorable is that he can't stand the hot weather. When the sun is burning brightly outside, don't expect him to go for a walk. I've caught him literally avoiding the sun by walking only under shaded area in the shelter. And he likes to take a dip in the water bucket provided throughout the shelter that I think is actually meant for the dogs to drink from!

This is him dipping his hind legs in the water.
Can't stand the hot weather!

So, what better way to mark one full year of George being in my life than with throwing him a birthday party!

I wanted to give George a special treat on his birthday so I ordered a cake from The Barkery, a canine bakery located at East Coast Road. Please check out their website here, they have some of the most adorable and delicious doggy treats, not to mention affordable and healthy because they don't use preservatives and everything is prepared by using wholesome ingredients only. They also have some party supplies, I bought a party hat for George there.

I feel The Barkery is a shop that was born out of love for our canine friends, everyone there was friendly and their products especially the cakes and biscuits looked so yummy, I really love visiting their store!
The Barkery's Storefront

Yummy Doggy Biscuits

Some of The Barker's Products

Cute Pictures

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This is our birthday boy, posing in his party hat.
George, the Birthday Boy
And this is the 5" round birthday cake with beef fillings and green icing ordered especially for George. George was excited to see the bone-shaped biscuit with his name on it. Doesn't it look so yum-yum?
Yummy Birthday Cake

Sliced to showcase the yummy goodness inside
Here are some snapshots from George's special day:

George caught eyeing his cake

Pose for one more shot, George!
George giving Vicky a peck

The dog with the golden fur in the last pic is Vicky. She is so gentle, sweet, and cuddly. I'm not sponsoring her but I would take her out sometimes. Vicky LOVES her walks. I wish I could get to a place in my life where I'd be able to adopt them both sooner. I even already know how I'd rename them: King George and Queen Victoria =D

Here's to that dream being a reality! Hear, hear!


Isn't my party hat so cute?

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