Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spring 2014 : Priti NYC's Baby Blue Eyes

Spring is just around the corner! Last year I chose a perfume to mark its arrival, this time around it's a nail polish instead.

So much happened last year, I am just excited to turn over a new leaf and this dreamy blue color with silver fine shimmers called 'Baby Blue Eyes' from Priti NYC seems fresh and happy, perfect to mark the occasion.

Indoor Light

With Flash
It goes opaque after two coats, no streaks. The pictures shown here are all without top coats. I don't really buy Priti NYC because of the environmental reason, I just damn love their colors. Their polishes, especially the creamy ones, tend to run a little bit thick, though. Also, they're not exactly cheap so this is more of a splurge.

Coincidentally, Dior's Spring 2014 collection also includes a blue polish called 'Porcelaine' but it's much lighter. Isn't the advertisement gorgeous?

They also have 'Perle', a matte top coat with pink shimmers which gives me an idea. I have Ciate polish called 'Members Only' which is in the same vein as 'Perle' only it's not matte so I decided to recreate the Dior Spring 2014 look using Priti NYC Baby Blue Eyes + Ciate Members Only.

(PS. I got this Ciate polish from my office's Christmas gift exchange party last year. You tried to be specific and wrote Ciate Dangerous Affair from Sephora and still, whoever got my name messed it up. Grrrr!)

The result is not exactly a dead ringer but it is in the same vein and it is still very pretty. The subtle pink shimmer is indeed very appropriate for springtime.

One last thought: I can't help but thinking about the final scene of Breaking Bad when I heard the name 'Baby Blue Eyes', lols. Can't get that final song out of my mind so I cooked up a little something for readers who are also a Breaking Bad fan in a true Spring 2014 fashion, enjoy! =D

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