Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obsession Du Jour : Watermelon Nails

These past couple of months I've been craving watermelon shades like crazy. Coincidentally, watermelon is the featured color in this month's InStyle! What is watermelon shade, you ask?'s a combination of pink and orange but it's got more pinks in it than coral, it's very bright but it's not neon. It is definitely very summer but for people with warm complexion such as yours truly, it's a year-round yummies! ^__^

So I was browsing the Dior counter the other day and came across this lovely polish called Lucky.
I believe this was released in the spring this year together with 3 other shades to color-coordinate a few shades of their lipsticks from the Addict Extreme line. I've been seeing them whenever I passed by any Dior counters but somehow it has never piqued my interest enough to actually check them out. Until recently.

The complete name of this shade is 659 Lucky.

 It's a creme finish and doesn't look that watermelon-y to me on the bottle. Here's a couple of shots with flash:

So GORGE! Here it is under white fluorescent light at night, no flash. I have no idea why it looks like it has some kind of shimmer in it:

My big problem with Dior Vernis is the brush applicator which is ironic because it's supposed to be one of their selling points. It is a flat brush with rounded edges in the same manner as the brush from Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure polishes. It's supposed to assist better in getting the application done in a single stroke but the thing is, Dior's is thicker and too stiff. I always have a hard time filling up the edges of my nails because I worry the polish might smear onto the cuticles. And because the brush is too stiff, it doesn't flex enough when you run the brush vertically over your nails. It's uncomfortable and causes the polish to apply uneven sometimes. I still find OPI's Pro Wide brush to be the best type of applicators there is.

The formula on these is rather thick but workable. It is a one coater but I painted 2 coats on some of the nails because I have yet to master the application in one single stroke, so some of them came out uneven. It's not as shiny as Zoya on its own but it's decent. I'll top it off with a top coat anyway so this is not really an issue.

Here's a few more shots taken inside a room with natural sunlight:

 This showcases the watermelon shade best. Can you see how squishy and yummy this sorbet-like color is? As usual, I use OPI Original Nail Envy, Natural Base Coat, and Poshe Top Coat in all of the pictures, no clean ups. Oh, forgot to mention, this is a one day-old manicure.

I went to Dior again the other day to try the matching lipstick since I really love the polish. Here how it looks on its own, no liner or balm or gloss used. Pardon the poor quality as it was hastily swatched and photographed.
As you can see, the color is not as vivid as the nail polish but it is very pretty, and much louder in real life but it's got the gleaming sheen that makes it so yummy looking and wearable.

So to cap it all off, why watermelon? Because it's more youthful than red but just as intense, and the shade is still fresh, as in it is not yet overplayed like corals or shocking pink (NARS Schiap, anyone?)

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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