Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homemade Wall Art for Those on a Budget

Look who tried her hands on a little arts & crafts! LOL

So I was taking few days off and took the chance to decorate my bedroom which I've always felt lacking...something.

I bought a couple of cheap frames, thinking I'd frame some Vogue tear sheets I've been collecting over the years. When I got home, though...I got stuck. Then, after couldn't decide what to do for an hour I decided to just wing it; a little folding here, a little glue voila:

I came up with these two! Basically I'm using a folding technique to show random parts of the page and hide the other so it'll have some voyeuristic quality to it, like you get the feeling like you're looking at something familiar and it invites you to look closer and find out.

It can look abstract from afar but upon closer inspection you'd realize it's not so it can be a good conversation piece. You can tell your guests about the actual image and the story behind it.

I don't think this art idea is new but I didn't try to emulate any specific art when I was making these. Funny thing, though, my roommate pointed out there was a similar art in one of Criminal Minds episodes we watched together.

I'm pretty proud of myself, this is a clever way of using those tear sheets that would otherwise be stashed away somewhere in my drawer. It's also worth mentioning that when she first came home, my roommate thought I bought these *smug face* =D

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