Thursday, November 1, 2012

NOTD : Spring Gentian by Priti NYC

It's been a while since I last did a post on nail polish. What a shame since I actually bought a polish and been wanting to share how awesome it was with you for some time but I just couldn't muster enough energy to do my nails, but I my schedule has calmed down enough for me to find time to finally show off that puppy. Take a look at the picture below:
Spring Gentian by Priti NYC
 It's Spring Gentian by Priti NYC! Priti NYC is an eco nail polish brand that's been under the radar for some time and they seem to finally gain momentum with several collaboration with major labels such as Stella McCartney. I love their colors especially the seasonal offerings, can't wait for their latest to reach my shore....lols.

Btw, as I mentioned in my previous post about Priti NYC, they always have the loveliest names for their polishes and Spring Gentian is no exception. The vivid blue color was actually what first drew me in, I've been visiting the shop a few times and I always had half the heart to buy this shade but always backed down without fail in the last minute, partly because I worried this shade would be one of those shades that looked good on the bottle but not so much when worn, and partly because I don't wear blue that well because I have warm olive skin tone.

But a month ago I decided to take the plunge and I must say the shade works for me.
Without flash, in shaded area

Without flash, in shaded area
Why it works for me? Well, the key is, Spring Gentian is dark enough for me that it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb against my olive skin tone, but it's not too dark it's almost black.

As I said, I don't wear blue well, wrong shade and it'll look tacky and cheap.
With Flash

With Flash
Spring Gentian is a true cobalt blue, its tone is not warm nor cool. It has enough depth to make it look like it's not geared towards teenagers, and it contains blue and green micro glitters. The glitter effect is very subtle though, you have to see it under certain light for it to come alive.
Under fluorescent light, no flash
Under fluorescent light, no flash
 It's a very nice color to perk up an otherwise boring outfit but might not be suitable for professional settings.

For you who don't know what Gentian looks like (as I was before I owned this polish, lol), I'm gonna end this post with a picture of Gentian plant (nixed from Until next time!

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